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Artist Residencies


Space & time to think & explore


Do you need a quiet, inspirational space? Time to work with fellow artists? At our less busy times, we can offer occasional use of our beautiful spaces free of charge to artists. 


Questions & Answers

▪ Is this for everyone or just emerging artists?

Its for everyone; we believe that artists need to continually grow and develop their practice throughout their lives.

▪ How much time can I ask for?

We don’t want to restrict artistic thinking by being too prescriptive – tell us what you need and why and we will see if we can accommodate it. One artist might only need an afternoon in the concert hall or ensemble room, whereas another might seek 2 linked days. Please note that we cannot currently advertise dates in advance as this offer fits around existing Granary commitments and quieter times.

▪ What sort of proposals do you support?

We are interested in proposals that develop artists and their practice and may result in change. For example: exploratory sessions for composers and performers working together, establishing new collaborative working practices for artists, developing early-stage ideas which will enable you to apply for funding and attract new partners. We want to help creative people to innovate and work in new ways. (NB This offer is not aimed at regular rehearsal sessions or individual private practice time).

▪ Do I need to have funding in place?

Stapleford Granary will provide agreed use of the spaces. Artists would need to be able to cover their costs for their own time and travel and the use of any additional facilities outside the scope of the offer (eg film and audio recording)

▪ I don’t live locally – do you provide accommodation?

Not at present. There are multiple accommodation options in the local area if you need to stay.


Apply Here


Section 1: About the Artist

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Section 2: About the idea

 include artistic and practical detail such as:


  • A clear description of how you would use the space & time, why you need it and what you might hope to achieve
  • Practical requirements (spaces, days, preferred month etc)
  • Whether your artistic development would benefit from any mentoring, and in what area
  • How many artists would be coming to the Granary as part of this proposal
  • Whether there are any other partners involved (eg touring partners, funders, coproducers etc)
  • Whether you or anyone in your event team have any access needs
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Section 3: Keeping in touch


Thank you very much for your interest in this Open Call. We would like to stay in touch with you.

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