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Bite-Sized Culture


Stapleford Granary’s new artist-led digital programme


A cabinet of curiosities… that’s how we see our artist-led online digital programme. We are interested in bite-sized cultural ideas that result in a short and engaging (less than 15 mins) piece of digital media that takes advantage of the facilities and spaces at Stapleford Granary. This is an open invitation to musicians, artists, writers, dancers, theatre-makers and creatives of all disciplines to bring your ideas to the Granary for filming and sharing.


We are interested in provocations, entertainments and talking points. We would like to shine a light on lesser-known artistic voices, fascinating stories and find new contexts to present more familiar works and names. We like the notion of breathing fresh new life into conventions and encouraging the exchange of ideas.

We see this project as a timely and important way of initiating and developing relationships with artists, offering them a platform whilst investing in their work. Mutual benefits include establishing collaborations which may lead to future live events or co-creations and developing wider audiences for artists and for the Granary. 


Questions & Answers

• Is this a funded opportunity?

Stapleford Granary will provide the spaces and cover the costs of filming, editing, marketing and publicity of each project with our in-house teams. We are not able to make payments to artists for their ideas or time spent with us at the Granary, but we make this collaborative offer in good faith as a way to work together.

• Do you cover access costs?

Yes. We will cover the cost of access requirements for artists with disabilities. 

• What does the finished product look like?

We’d like to discuss that with you. It may take the form of a 10-minute film of your performance or displayed work and a short interview to explain your ideas. But we are open to suggestions; please tell us about your ideas when you apply. Please note that whilst a small amount of editing is possible, we cannot create miniature ’movies’ – the call is designed to showcase your work as a high quality piece of digital media.

• Where will the digital work be shown and promoted?

We will host the work on our new YouTube channel and promote widely to our digital audiences via our marketing channels and mail list.

• Who will own the work?

The artist will own the copyright on the work they create. We will host and and promote the digital media on Stapleford Granary’s YouTube channel, website and social media outlets exclusively for an agreed duration with the artist. We would ask artists to credit Stapleford Granary as collaborative partners and facilitators if the work is shown elsewhere or further developed with new partners.

• Is there a deadline?

No - this in an ongoing programme of activity. Good ideas don’t always coincide with deadlines and other professional and personal commitments. Please take all the time you need.

• Does it need to be a completely new idea?

No – in fact, we actively encourage proposals which might be further developments of early-stage ideas or a new digital rethinking of an existing idea.

• Do I need to propose a finished idea or could I develop something with you?

We assume that ideas for this Open Call are ‘ready-to-go’. We anticipate that artists will spend a maximum of a day with us at the Granary including setting up and rehearsal time. We will also allocate half a day of editing to each project. If your idea is at an early or interim stage, you may feel it is more appropriate for one of our artist residencies.

• When will you film these projects?

We will discuss a time-frame with you and offer a choice of dates throughout the year.

• How do I apply?

Share your creative ideas with us via the simple online form. We offer accessible communication and applications processes for all of our calls and collaborations. If you would prefer to submit a short video description please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We do not use anonymised selection processes. We want to collaborate with the broadest possible range of voices and will ensure that we consider the diversity and backgrounds of everyone who applies in our decision-making processes.

• When will I hear back from you?

Please do allow us time to review all ideas, which we will do every 3 months.


Apply Here


Section 1: About the Artist

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Section 2: About the idea

Please tell us about your creative idea (up to 600 words) Please include artistic and practical detail such as:


  • A very clear description of your idea (you can include an additional illustrative weblink if helpful and applicable)
  • How your idea would be presented as a short piece of digital media
  • Why you feel your idea would be a good fit for this open call
  • How many artists would be coming to the Granary
  • Whether there are any other partners involved (eg touring partners, funders, co-producers etc)
  • Whether you or anyone in your event team have any access needs
  • Resources you have to help us to promote and share this work


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We can provide filming, lighting, sound and editing. We would expect to talk through presentation and editing ideas with you. Please tell us if your idea needs any special technical expertise or equipment beyond this. (100 words)

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Section 3: Keeping in touch


Thank you very much for your interest in this Open Call. We would like to stay in touch with you.

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