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Proposals for Events


Share your programming ideas with us


We currently host around 60 - 70 events a year: concerts (with a focus, but not restricted to, classical, jazz and folk music); talks; exhibitions and installations. Do you have a strong event idea that you feel might work well at the Granary?


Our ‘culturally curious’ spirit underpins our programming choices: we are interested in good music played by good musicians presented in ways which encourage conversation about the arts. Whether it’s new voices, lesser-known composers and artists or music from the established repertoire, we aim to offer our audiences strong and imaginative combinations of works within a single programme and across our concert seasons. 


We advise you to look at our Concert Hall scale and size in the ‘Hire’ section of the website to check the feasibility of your idea. Our gallery spaces include the brick-walled East Wing public walkway and two large, flexible whitewall public rooms. All have good lighting (natural, spots and wallwashers). Sheltered outdoor space for larger-scale events in our large courtyard will be available from Summer 2021.


Questions & Answers

• Is there a deadline?


No - this in an ongoing programme of activity. Please contact us at any time you like.


• Are there any restrictions on the type of event I propose?


We suggest you look at the spaces we have to check that your idea is feasible for the Granary. For example, our concert hall is suitable for solos, duos etc and small-scale chamber works.


• How do I apply?


Share your event / programming ideas with us via the simple online form. We offer accessible communication and applications processes for all of our calls and collaborations. If you would prefer to submit a short video description please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   We do not use anonymised selection processes. We want to collaborate with the broadest possible range of voices and will ensure that we consider the diversity and backgrounds of everyone who applies in our decision-making processes.


• When will I hear back from you?


Please do allow us time to review all ideas, which we will do every 3 months. There is a high demand to perform at the Granary and we need to ensure that we provide a balanced programme each season. We keep all applications on file and may well return to them at a future date.


Apply Here


Section 1: About the Artist

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Section 2: About the event

Please tell us about your proposed event (up to 500 words) Please include artistic and practical details such as:


  • A very clear description of your idea. You can include an additional illustrative weblink if helpful and applicable.
  • Please include a full programme with durations if the event is a concert.
  • Why you feel your idea would be a good fit for Stapleford Granary
  • Whether anyone in your event team has any access needs
  • Whether your event is part of a tour, a wider project or a ‘one-off’
  • Please tell us if your event needs any special technical expertise or equipment


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We want to reach new audiences through our events. Please tell us how you could help promote your event to a wider audience (eg via your own networks, your own social media and newsletters etc)

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Section 3: Keeping in touch


Thank you very much for your interest in this Open Call. We would like to stay in touch with you.

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