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Our Team

Kate Romano


Kate is the CEO of Stapleford Granary. Her multi-disciplinary career includes 25 years as a professional chamber musician (clarinet), opera and music theatre production, broadcasting and writing. She’s the founder of Goldfield Productions and was a senior academic at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for 15 years. Kate is passionate about storytelling and talking about music and the arts.     


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Trevor Barlow

Trevor is Director for Music and Arts at Stapleford Granary helping to create a diverse and encompassing programme of events and courses. He also continues his music career as a teacher and performer with a developing interest in the visual arts.  

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Catherine Chasey    

Catherine is the Arts and Charity Administrator at Stapleford Granary, with a background in film production and arts education. She is adept at juggling an array of tasks, working creatively to administer and deliver our programme of events and courses. Catherine is passionate about the important role that art plays in shaping our lives and experiences.   

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Paul Brooke Barnes
Paul is General Secretary of the Association for Cultural Exchange and Managing Director of ACE Cultural Tours. Paul purchased Stapleford Granary on behalf of the Association in 2010 and acted as founding-director until 2020. He has a particular interest in 20th century design and architecture and love of a wide range of music.

Mark Sanders
Mark is the current chair of trustees - who are responsible for the governance and direction of Stapleford Granary. He is also a non-executive director of ACE Cultural Tours, the cultural and educational travel company which forms part of the group. Mark has spent his career working in educational and group travel. He is a passionate tennis player and administrator and is also a trustee of a tennis charity, Bright Ideas for Tennis.

John Bryden
John is a concert pianist, accompanist and chamber musician who has found illumination and fulfilment through his association with ACE Cultural Tours over many years. John is also an experienced coach and teacher and enjoys sharing his passion for travel and the stories behind the music as a Tour Director.

Christine Berry
During Christine’s former legal career she worked with a wide range of charities and educational bodies. She has a lifelong interest in the arts and co-founded the Desmond Elliott Prize for debut fiction; now part of the prestigious Early Career Awards presented by the National Centre for Writing to support new writers.

Toni Moses
Toni is an architectural designer with a love of Scandinavian design and furniture. She runs her own studio and has worked in Cambridgeshire for 20 years. Toni was the designer for the Phase 1 development of Stapleford Granary including the concert hall and foyer and, as trustee, maintains her long-term affection and passion for the site and the values of the Association for Cultural Exchange.


David Martin
David is CEO of national charity, the Multiple Sclerosis Trust, and Chair of the Neurological Alliance, a national umbrella body of more than 70 charities. He was previously a Trustee at the Cambridge Arts Theatre and also ran BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, launching their online services. David is passionate about digital inclusion and widening involvement in the arts.