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Sue Jones is an artist, printmaker, tutor, co-founder of the Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale and  passionate about printmaking.
Sue teaches and develops printmaking workshops at Stapleford Granary, the Print Studio, Gainsborough House and Sudbury and is Artist Facilitator for Kettles Yard, Cambridge University.  At Stoneman Press, her own print studio in Saffron Walden, she delivers printmaking workshops, Print Club, Open Access, artist group sessions and visiting artist workshops.  Sue has taught at the British Museum, Blenheim Palace, the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology to name a few. She has 18 years experience as lead tutor and studio manager at the Curwen Print Study Centre. 
Sue’s abstract prints and paintings draw on the landscape, environment, chaos and control for inspiration.  Her monotypes are constructed of multiple layers and varying printmaking techniques over long periods of time.  They are visual diaries documenting personal journeys, balancing  the contrast of the manmade and organic and the painterly mark to the structured line.  Currently Sue is experimenting with rust and drypoint printing using recycled packaging and found metal objects.  She deconstructs, reconstructs and combines these manmade objects giving them new  purpose through print bringing them together to create undiscovered abstract  landscapes. Sue also works with relief printmaking, collagraphs, wood engraving, screen, photopolymer and etching.
In her paintings Sue works with mixed media such as acrylics, graphite, oil bars, collage etc.  She builds the image over time responding to the previous layer combining spontaneity and unconscious line with balance and control.  Working towards a quality that is both delicate and ethereal in the finished image, appearing almost whisked together out of the air.  Sue's paintings and prints are infused with a sense of mystery, drama, colour and space to create new emotional landscapes.  She exhibits with Church Street Gallery, Saffron Walden and Cambridge Contemporary Art, Cambridge. For more information please visit  printsuejones.com
Classes 2022: Summer term
Discovering Print - cost £525
8 weeks 10.00am - 4.00pm
22nd April - 24th June.   No session on 6th May and no session on 3rd June.
The Summer Term will look at Introduction to Screen Printing, Rust Printing with Drypoint using recycled tetra packaging and Woodcuts.
Introduction to screen printing (using water based inks) will look at the use of paper stencils, mono printing, and drawing onto screens to create beautiful screen prints with this planographic technique.
Rust printing uses old rusty objects to create earthy coloured prints that work wonderful as a background to drypoint and other printmaking techniques.
Drypoint using recycled tetra packaging and other used containers as plates. Drypoint is an intaglio process where the ink is pushed below the surface and can create fine line and details and is wonderful when combined with rust printing.
Wood cuts is a relief printmaking technique that uses the subtle grain of wood to enhance and support your image. It creaties soft relief prints with an earthy character.
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