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23 June | 14 July |   

Village Day Special 17 July at 11.00




19.45 - 21.45 | No need to book | Donations invited. | Bar open from 19.15


Lucy Barlow invites you to relaxed evenings around a piano, singing songs and rounds drawn from popular, folk, jazz and classical traditions in one large ensemble.


There is no need to be able to read music and no need to book. COME & SING is as simple as the name suggests - just come along on all or any of the above dates and enjoy singing in a low-pressure, fun environment. And it's open to absolutely everyone!


There is no fee for participants, but donations are welcome to help us support the running costs of this programme.


Please note that Come & Sing is not a socially distanced activity. 


New to singing? Read on to find out what's so special about singing together...



'You create something amazing together....a group of strangers with no special equipment can make something marvellous together within minutes, greater than the sum of its parts'.


'You connect with other people whilst you sing, breathing and working as one, even if you don't know one another  - this naturally leads to a lovely friendly and supportive atmosphere'


'It sounds great and is enormous fun ... and you learn new skills - vocal ones, but also breathing techniques' 


'There is a wonderful sense of achievement.. a sort of 'look what we created!'


Come and join us!