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Saturday 18 May, 11:00am & 2:00pm


Performances 11:00am (ending c. 11:50am) & 2:00pm (ending c. 2:50pm)

Suitable for ages 3-8

Tickets £11 | £9 (under 25)


Half Moon Theatre

Is it a bed? Or a boat? Or a giant slice of toast? For Naz and Iggy and their eight friends, their bed is a place where imagination can fill their tummies with tasty treats and take them to distant places. Join the boat-bed’s disparate crew as they dream up playful tales of pirates, misunderstood sharks and fishing trips that hook some unexpected catches. But what happens if the bed is not big enough to fit everyone in? How do they decide who gets to stay and who has to go?

This humorous and inventive new show celebrates the power of imaginary play and proves there’s always enough room to have fun, even when the world is at its most daunting.


Written by award-winning teenage fiction writer Steve Tasane (Child IBlood Donors), Ten in the Bed sensitively explores the child refugee experience, where the power of invention offers an escape from reality. Framed by an evocative soundscape, it is the latest exhilarating production for 3-8s from Half Moon, the UK’s leading small-scale young people’s venue and touring company.

11:00am show
2:00pm show